High-Quality Wildlife Control You Can Rely On In Long Island & NYC, NY

Most NYC residents probably think nothing of it if they see the occasional opossum or raccoon rooting through their garbage. However, having wildlife pests frequenting or even living on your property is not something you want. Not only are these pests destructive to property, but they also carry all kinds of diseases. Raccoons, in particular, are one of the main vectors for rabies in our area. They’re also aggressive regardless of their rabies status. So being bitten possibly means being exposed to the deadliest virus around, and it definitely means needing potentially thousands of dollars in rabies shots.

Aside from the diseases they carry themselves, wildlife pests can introduce all kinds of disease-spreading parasites onto your property. For instance, if opossums or raccoons introduce a breeding population of ticks onto your property, you could be exposed to potentially debilitating and deadly diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. For these reasons, you’ll want to take every wildlife infestation seriously.

Our Wildlife Management Process

Here at PDF Finest Pest Management, our wildlife management process focuses on exclusion and trapping. For exclusion, we’ll inspect your house and property and identify and seal potential wildlife entry points like holes in your attic, crawl space, pet doors, etc. We’ll also help you figure out what could be attracting wildlife to your property.

Common wildlife attractants include garbage cans, pet foods, and water sources. Most people know that covering your garbage cans is important to avoid attracting wildlife. However, some wildlife species are smart enough to get around normal trash can lids. For instance, most raccoons can easily lift normal trash can lids and toss them aside, so you’ll need to use animal-proof ones. You’ll also want to feed your pets only at mealtimes and clean up uneaten foods right away.

The second part of our wildlife management process is trapping. We’ll take care of this entire process for you. We set up live traps to humanely capture wildlife like skunks, raccoons, opossums, and more. We’ll then remove these pests from your property. We also monitor the traps ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about it. Of course, our clients can feel free to contact us if they notice a trap is full, but they should never attempt to touch or move potentially aggressive or rabid animals themselves.

A Wildlife-Free Home Is Possible

Keeping wildlife off your NYC property can be a problem, especially when it comes to opossums, which have a tough time making it through harsh New York winters. That means even your most stringent measures may not keep all wildlife away. The good news is PDF Finest Pest Management can help you keep your property wildlife-free. Our live trap and removal services can help ensure you’re getting all the animals off your property without having to worry about getting sprayed by a skunk or bitten by a raccoon. So give us a call or visit our contact page to get started with home pest control or commercial wildlife management today!