Expert Termite Control For Your Long Island, NY & NYC Property

Every New Yorker knows you don’t want a house full of termites. However, not every New Yorker knows the extent of the damage termites can cause – or the fact that they can sometimes infest your home for literally years before you realize there’s an issue. That’s why you need to stay vigilant against termites and contact a professional termite service, like the experts here at PDF Finest Pest Management, to help nip termite infestations in the bud before they get out of control.

Our Termite Management Process

If you already have a termite infestation, our techs will first inspect your home to see what’s going on and where. Sometimes infestations can be a lot larger and more widespread than homeowners think they are, so an inspection is an important part of the process to eradicate the entire termite colony.

After determining where the termite nests are, we use termite baiting systems to kill queens and lower castes. If necessary, we can also drill into wood or concrete walls to inject termiticide, but we try to use baits first to avoid causing further damage. We’ll also treat termite-affected wood to stop the decay process, as rot in termite-damaged wood can continue to worsen even after the termites themselves are gone.

Even if you don’t have a termite problem now, it’s vital to have an annual termite inspection. As we said above, termites can be living in your house for up to several years before you realize you have them. That means annual termite inspections are a vital part of keeping a termite-free home. The longer the termites infest your house, the worse the damage will be. Inspections can shave months or even years off the time termites are inside your home because termite experts can spot the subtle signs of termites long before homeowners spot the more significant ones.

Furthermore, you can do things on your own between termite inspections to ensure they always come up negative. Effective termite prevention measures include:

  • Sealing cracks and holes in your home’s exterior. 
  • Keeping a barrier of bare ground between your foundation and mulch.
  • Avoiding storing firewood on the ground or against your home’s siding. 
  • Trimming branches and shrubs away from your home’s exterior.
  • Taking care of moisture problems like improper drainage or leaky pipes.
  • Ensuring all the wood in your home is hard and dry. 
  • Removing weak, rotted, or water-damaged wooden components from your home.

Taking these measures can mean the difference between your termite expert giving you the all-clear after your home termite inspection or finding problems.

Open The Door To A Termite-Free Home

If you see signs of termites, do not wait to contact the experts here at PDF Finest Pest Management. There might be some pests you can try DIY methods or products to eliminate – but termites are not one of them. Every minute they infest your NYC house is a minute they’re destroying it. So treat your termite infestation like the emergency it is and call us for home or commercial pest control in Long Island, NY & NYC!