Don’t Allow Filthy Cockroaches Into Your New York City Home

Nothing is so unsettling as a cockroach scurrying across the floor of your New York City home or business. That’s because cockroaches spread a variety of deadly bacteria and diseases across surfaces and everything they come into contact with, creating an obvious concern for the health and safety of those occupying your property.

When you discover cockroach activity in your home or business, reach out to PDF Finest Pest Management. Our team offers complete cockroach control services to protect NYC homeowners from infestations of all shapes and sizes. Call today to request a free estimate.

Our Cockroach Control Service

Our cockroach service starts with a thorough inspection of harborage areas throughout your home. Cockroaches gravitate to areas of high moisture, including the following:

  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Behind refrigerators
  • Cabinets
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Crawl spaces
  • Under shelves

We provide several cockroach control options based on your unique needs using Integrated Pest Management methods and strategies. Primarily we use granular treatments, glue boards, and dusts if necessary. We also use gel baits, flushers, and liquid sprays where needed and may use fogging treatments in extreme cases of large-scale infestation.

Our team takes a different approach for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. To learn more about our cockroach treatment options, give us a call!

Professional Cockroach Solutions You Can Count On

Your NYC home or business should always feel safe for its occupants, but when cockroaches come around, many problems will abound. Fortunately, you can count on us! PDF Finest Pest Management has been offering premium pest solutions in New York City since 1995. When you partner with us, you can count on guaranteed home pest control and commercial exterminator solutions that are fast and effective.

At PDF Finest Pest Management, we stave to mark excellence in all phases of pest management. Reach out today to schedule your free quote!