Affordable Bird Removal & Control For Long Island & New York City Property Owners

Being outdoors can be fun and very relaxing. Many people enjoy walking along hiking trails, having picnics, or hosting barbecues for friends and family. What gets in the way are pests. They can be aggravating, or even worse, dangerous to encounter. Most folks aren’t worried about birds, though; they’ll eagerly feed them or watch them for entertainment. Since fowls are so commonplace, it seems they aren’t a threat at all. In reality, they’re quite detrimental. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that pest birds cause millions of dollars in property damage annually. They also come with health risks.

Pest bird invasions are overwhelming to confront, and it isn’t easy to surmount them. Considering these animals are air-based, managing them is a task. We at PDF Finest Pest Management want to help you protect your assets and well-being. Our top-of-the-line tools can keep these creatures away.

What Are The Dangers Of Pest Birds? What Can PDF Finest Pest Management Do?

Two pest birds that are prevalent in the region are pigeons and sparrows. Pigeons weigh about 13 ounces and are roughly 11 inches long. This species varies somewhat in color, but they’re typically gray. White tones decorate their backsides, while dark bands are on their tails and wings. Their two feet are red. Sparrows are 6 inches but can be longer. While their bodies are brown or tan, their heads and tails are gray, and their throat is black. Females have dull shading. These fowls have a reputation for being aggressive.

Pest birds often congregate by sheltered spaces, such as steeples, posts, and structural voids. They will surround homes, businesses, bridges, and parks, looking for cover or food. These pests present numerous issues. You can slip on their slick feces, which contains acid that harms paint and buildings and promotes fungal development. Salmonella, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and toxoplasmosis are just a few of the diseases they disperse. In their feathers are mites, ticks, fleas, and lice. They wreck garbage cans, fruit trees, gardens, and farms during their hunt for food. Last but not least, fires can happen if they penetrate dryers or vents.

At PDF Finest Pest Management, we have advanced treatments and removal tools for pest birds. Our industrial-grade solutions are more affordable and effective than any store item or “do-it-yourself” trick and safer for humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. Our experienced technicians utilize environmentally-friendly pest solutions to ensure the safest application possible. We will also complete repairs and install preventative products. We’ll discuss your concerns and our processes with you before we begin. Give us a call today!

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