About PDF Finest Pest Management

Since 1995, our family owned and operated pest control company serving Long Island and New York City has been at the forefront of a better way to keep pests away from people's homes and businesses.

To accomplish effective home and commercial pest control, we've focused on our direct relationship with our clients to provide the best solutions possible for expert results.

Our Story

At PDF Finest Pest Management, we believe in focusing on customer service. After all, it's your problems we're here to fix. That's why we work quickly and effectively to keep you pest-free today and long after our first visit.

To keep you pest-free, we always begin with a thorough inspection to gain a complete understanding of the problems you're facing. Once we have our answers, we get to work on your treatment to eliminate all pests on the premises. Our service techs are committed to maintaining a standard of excellence as shown with our certifications and affiliations, such as:

We have you covered every step of the way when it comes to helping you say goodbye to unwanted pests. Pest-free living is closer than you think.

Focused On Customer Service For Effective Pest Solutions

Without exception, your experience and how local area pests affect your property are the entire reason we do what we do. That's why our main focus is superior customer service that leaves behind a standard of excellence that's unmatched.

If you're ready to experience a pest-free life without fail, then reach out to our service techs. Contact PDF Finest Pest Management today to schedule your quote and say goodbye to pests forever!